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Activities To Include During A Small Party On A Motor Boat

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If you are going to be hosting a small party on your offshore boat this spring for you and some of your co-workers to enjoy, consider including the following activities to keep everyone’s interest piqued and to make the celebration unique.  Locate Specific Landmarks Before the party begins, take your boat offshore and select some areas near the shoreline that you would like your guests to help you locate during a game. Choose items such as a specific dock, pier, house, or business.  Create a list of the items and make copies of it. During the party, show the attendees your boat’s navigation equipment and provide everyone with a map of the area, a pair of binoculars, and a list of the items that need to be located. Allow guests to watch you navigate the boat through the water if they wish as they follow along with with their maps. When an item on the list is discovered by one of the guests, award them with a point. Tally the points up once all of the landmarks have been located and give a small prize to the person with the highest amount of points. Offer The Opportunity To Fish Move your boat through the water until you have located a wide open area that is suitable for fishing. Furnish fishing poles and tackle to anyone who would like to participate in a fishing session. Fill large coolers with ice before the party and place them on the boat’s deck so that fish that are caught will remain fresh if anyone would like to take their catches home with them after the party. Provide a demonstration of how to place bait on a hook, cast a pole, and reel a fish in if some of your guests have never went fishing before. Hire A Water Skiing Instructor Hire a water skiing instructor to bring along with you on the outing. Request that the instructor supply skiis, ropes, handles, life jackets, and safety gear if you do not own any of the items. An instructor will discuss the basic steps that need to be followed while skiing and will display each of them so that you and your guests can mimic them when it is time to participate. While people attempt to ski, take photographs of each of them so that you can give them copies of the pictures to be kept as mementos. Once finished with all of the activities, welcome everyone to relax on the boat’s deck while eating snacks or sipping cool beverages that you brought along for the...

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Hosting An Employee Appreciation Golfing Event

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If you own your own business, and you have several employees working under your command, you may want to consider treating them to a day out on the golf course to show them your appreciation for a job well done. A corporate golfing event is usually deemed as a great time with some friendly competition thrown into the mix. Here are a few ideas you can use to ensure your golfing day is one that will be enjoyed by each of your employees. Let Employees Choose Their Own Teams To make the event fun for all who attend, it is a good idea to let employees select who they would like to play golf with. Post a sign-up sheet in a location all employees in your company utilize, such as near a copy machine or in the cafeteria. Let employees know they should compile a team with the number of participants you designate. They can give their team a name or slogan to make the event a bit whimsical and intriguing for all who are present the day of the event. Set Rules In Advance Of The Event The golf course you select for hosting your event will be able to provide you with their particular playing rules. Photocopy this information and be sure to pass it out to all employees who plan on attending the golfing outing. Players who are not seasoned in the game of golf will have the opportunity to look over the rules to help familiarize themselves with the practices used on the golf course. Those who play regularly will be alerted of any differences in playing rules from courses they usually frequent. Making this information available in advance of the event will ensure the day is relaxing and without questions about how to play on the particular course you are using. Set Up A Tent With Incentives And Favors Consider setting up a tent on the golf course grounds where employees can check at the beginning of each round of golf. Be sure to have score cards, pencils, tees, and golf balls available in the tent for employees to use as they make their way around the course. Prizes can be displayed in this tent area for all to admire. This will give those playing a push to try their best as they may walk away from the event with one of them in their possession. Favors can also be given to employees to let them remember the special outing. Custom made tee-shirts with the golfing groups’ names on them, key chains, or flashlights would all make great favors that recipients would be sure to use. For more information, contact a business such as Charitee Consulting,...

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2 Reasons Why Whitewater Rafting Is A Great Family Event

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If you are looking for something fun to do for your family’s next vacation, you should consider whitewater rafting. You can find several different locations that offer whitewater rafting, making it easy for you to find one that is either on the way to a destination that you and your family are going to, or is your final destination because it offers several other great activities as well. You will be able to reserve your rafts well in advance, making it easy to get on the water once your arrive. You will also be supplied with all of the items that you need while you are on the whitewater raft, such as life jackets and paddles. This article will discuss 2 reasons why whitewater rafting is a great family event.  It Is A Great Way To See A New Area  If you have never been to the area where you are whitewater rafting, this is a great way to see it. You will be right there with nature and will be able to see the raw beauty of the natural landscape. In areas where the river is calm, you can simply sit back and enjoy the beauty around you. You may even see some amazing wildlife that are local to the area, because the river flows through many animals’ natural habitats. Your family will likely love seeing all of this together, and it will create great learning experiences for you and for your children. You could even purchase some waterproof cameras for you and for the other members of your family to take pictures of what you see. By researching the paths of the different rivers that you have the option of rafting, you can find the river that goes through the areas that you and your family are most interested in seeing.  It Allows You To Have Some Healthy Competition Another reason why whitewater rafting can be an excellent family event is because it allows from some healthy competition. If you have two rafts, you can compete against each other to see who gets to the end first. If you only have one raft, you can take turns rowing and see who can row the fastest and get the raft the furthest distance in the shortest amount of time. This can be a great deal of fun for all involved and will allow you to get some good exercise in at the same...

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Need An Amazing Gift For The Golf Lover You Know Who Is Retiring? Try These Options

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Are you throwing a retirement party for someone very special in your life who also loves golf? If you want to find them the perfect gift that goes with their love for golf, there are a variety of golfing gifts that they would be able to enjoy with their free time now that they’re retired. Some of these gifts are things that they can share with people that they haven’t been able to spend time with because of work. Look at the following great gifts and packages. Masters Hospitality Package You can send the golf lover to a week of fun at the Masters, one of the most prestigious events in golf. Look for packages that offer the following things: Tickets for both practice and tournament rounds Hotel or resort stay Reservations for restaurants and events Travel arrangements from the airport or to and from events These are just some of the things that you can include in the package, so the receiver can just enjoy the week ahead of them. Golf and Spa Vacation A resort that is known for its golf courses and that offers spa services and fine dining is another option they would enjoy. You can find a resort that includes unlimited golf play with the reservations and stay, and that has a pool, lounge, and more. This would also be something that they could share with someone special. If they have always wanted to go to a tropical area, then choose a golf resort in that location. Golf Set and Play Investing the money that they wouldn’t want to spend on a new high quality golf set and on a membership at a great local club is a gift that would be used for years and be greatly appreciated. If you know that type of clubs they prefer to use or anything that they’ve had their eyes on, you can start with that purchase. Memberships where they already golf will also be valuable and useful. There are a lot of different great gifts for the ultimate golf lover that you know and appreciate who is now retiring and has time to golf and vacation as they please. Look into the any of these options, or talk with a travel agent to see what other options are possible, depending on your budget and how much you think that the retiree can do on their own and with their...

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Throw An Epic Bachelorette Party- On A Boat!

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Planning a bachelorette party? Take it to the high seas by hosting it on a boat! Boat charters are the perfect venue for a memorable and extraordinary experience that will be enjoyed by all who attend. Some tips to turn a boat into the perfect bachelorette party venue are: Charter your vessel. Talk with local charter companies, such as Chicago Watercraft, to find the perfect boat for your party, and be sure to provide a tentative head-count to ensure you get the right vessel. A day trip is a great idea for celebrating upcoming nuptials, but an overnight might provide your group with a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Ask about on-board staff and crew to have a full-service adventure that promises your group won’t have to lift a finger! Create a theme. Go with a cute nautical theme for the bachelorette bash for something new and fresh. Make or buy cute, personalized life preservers or novelty swim rings, much like the customized tee-shirts seen at many similar events on land. You can make these easily by wrapping foam rings with wide ribbon and accenting the rings with nautical details and the guest’s name. Give guests some goodies. Give guests a little something to get them in the mood, and to thank them for attending the bachelorette party! Prepare nautical-inspired goodie bags filled with sunglasses, flip-flops, party leis, or customized towels. Concoct a signature drink. Create nautical themed cocktails for toasting on your charter. For a sweet and fruity signature drink, consider making pitchers of ‘Ocean Breeze’, combining parts of raspberry vodka, coconut rum, pineapple juice, and cranberry juice. These are tropical and delicious–perfect for your party! Plan an outdoor activity. Give your guests a taste of adventure with at least one planned activity or outing during your charter. For example, plan on doing some fishing, swimming, surfing, jet-skiing, para-sailing, or arrange for some cave tubing at one of the boat’s ports. If your guests aren’t into water sports, have the charter crew arrange for a lovely beach picnic on a quiet stretch of land during the trip. Spring for spa services. Ask charter staff about getting on-board spa services before boarding your vessel. They may be able to provide some pampering with manicures, pedicures, or on-board massages for your guests. End the trip in elegance. Arrange for a formal dinner to wrap up the festivities and give your guests the chance to dress-up. Ask charter staff or caterers to prepare something that you know the bride will enjoy, like some of her favorite dishes. She is the guest of honor, after all! A bachelorette party on a boat is an excellent way to launch your guest of honor into her new life as a wife! Talk with local charter companies to find the perfect boat for your friends and family, and that promises some adventure and fun for everyone...

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Three Preparation Tips For Deer Hunting In North Dakota

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The fall season is getting closer and that makes deer hunting enthusiasts in North Dakota extremely happy. While there is still time before deer hunting opening weekend, hunters should take advantage of the time and ensure they are fully prepared. These three preparation tips will ensure a safe and successful hunting excursion. Make Sure Your Gun Is in Proper Working Condition Whether you prefer using a rifle or a handgun for your deer hunting adventures, ensure it is in proper working condition before deer season begins. One of the most common causes of hunting accidents is the mechanical failure of a firearm. In order to decrease the likelihood of this happening, get your gun ready well before the hunting season begins. Take it out to the shooting range and if you notice anything wrong with it, take it into a gun repair shop. When you know your gun is in proper working condition, it will increase your chances of staying safe and getting your deer. If you need assistance with gun repairs, places like the Razorback Armory may be able to help meet your needs. Make a Checklist of the Hunting Gear You’ll Need Make sure you have all of the deer hunting gear you’ll need: Binoculars or scope Sharp knife First-aid kit Compass or GPS Ammunition Some deer hunters prefer to hunt from a tree stand. If that’s your preference, make sure the stand is not in need of any repairs before you use it. It’s also important to make sure all of your gear is in proper working condition before hunting season begins. The state of North Dakota also has an orange clothing requirement for all deer hunters. Clothing requirements include wearing an orange piece of headgear and an outer garment above the waist. Make Sure You Have the Proper Permissions and Licenses In the state of North Dakota, anyone born after the year 1961 must complete a hunter education course before acquiring a hunting license. Anyone who goes deer hunting must also get the appropriate hunting license. It’s also important to understand that when it comes to deer hunting in North Dakota, you can’t just expect to hunt anywhere you would like. If landowners have posted signs saying “no trespassing” or “no hunting,” then hunters need to abide by what the sign says unless there is special permission from the landowner. Other areas that are restricted include: Land that contains unharvested crops Land that’s within 440 yards of an occupied building Keeping these preparation tips in mind will help ensure a safe and successful deer...

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Buying A Used RV – Electrical Inspection Tips

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If you’re in the market for a used RV, there are some important things you need to consider first. Checking for water damage, inspecting the wheels, hauling connections, plus the motor and transmission if it is a drivable model, are important. But, the electrical system should be high on your list of things to closely inspect, because problems in this area can difficult to repair and potentially dangerous. Internal Wiring Checkup This is the most important aspect of an older vintage RV. Electrical issues can be not only difficult to discover, the ramifications of faulty wiring can be dangerous. If you are not well schooled in electrical systems, have the rig inspected by a licensed electrician. This will be a minimal inconvenience compared to the consequences of buying a used rig and having to have it completely rewired. Your electrical system not only includes the internal wiring of the rig itself, but also the cords and connections to hook your RV to a power source. All aspects of this wiring system need to be as closely inspected as you can. The visible cords are pretty simple to inspect for damage, but be sure to apply a voltage meter to at least half the outlets inside the RV. If there are any issues with the wiring inside the walls, you will be able to determine this by odd volt readings at different places inside the RV. Plug the RV into a standard 120V outlet, and then check outlets on both sides of the rig, plus at the front and the rear. While you do not necessarily need to check every single outlet, it can never hurt. If you find an odd reading – especially one that is really low, either consider another rig, or be aware you may have to consider at least a partial rewire to be on the safe side. Voltage Meter Test A question to ask the current owner of the RV that will help you determine the condition of the internal wiring is to ask if a line voltage meter, or polarity tester has been used. Since these are pretty inexpensive and simple to use, most competent RV owners have one on board. What happens is, some hookups at campgrounds are not wired properly. The result can be voltage that exceeds the recommended limits for the RV wiring. Over time rigs that are continuously plugged into faulty wiring outlets can have the covering on the electrical wires compromised. Over time this can present a dangerous problem. If the owners have no idea what a polarity tester is, or have never used one, be aware that there may be potential damage to the RV’s electrical wiring. So, while it is necessary to give a used RV an extensive inspection before you considering buying it, be sure to give an extra amount of attentive inspection to the electrical system. If you have questions, consult with a local RV specialist, or an electrician first. Contact a business, such as Pettibone Resort On The River, for more information....

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Enjoy These Various Benefits After Committing To Kickboxing Lessons

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If you’ve ever noticed a kickboxing class taking place while you’re working out at the gym and felt intrigued but not had the courage to sign up, now is the time to jump into the action. But don’t worry — taking kickboxing lessons doesn’t mean that you’ll ever need to face an opponent in the ring. Instead, you can be one of a large group of people that enjoys the many benefits — fitness and otherwise — of this up-tempo cardiovascular workout without ever squaring off against someone else. Regardless of your age, kickboxing can benefit you in a number of different ways. Here are some advantages to consider before you sign up for lessons. Help Meeting Your Weight Loss Goals For people who visit the gym in an effort to lose weight, kickboxing can be part of the solution. Because of its intensity, kickboxing will help you burn calories at an advanced rate. If you weigh 185 pounds, for example, just 30 minutes of kickboxing will help you burn approximately 444 calories. This is a significant caloric burn, comparable to swimming laps at a vigorous rate. Given that many kickboxing classes last close to an hour, a person of this weight can expect to burn close to 900 calories during the class. You don’t have to be trying to lose weight to benefit from kickboxing’s caloric burn, however. This sport can also help you maintain your weight. An Increase In Muscular Strength The full-body nature of a kickboxing workout means that you’ll start to strengthen virtually all the major muscle groups throughout your body. Unlike lifting weights, kickboxing won’t give you enormous muscles — instead, it will provide exceptional toning, which is something both men and women can often appreciate. Having stronger muscles isn’t just about how you look in the mirror, though. When your muscles are stronger, you’re less susceptible to injuries such as muscle strains. An Increase In Your Confidence Level After a handful of kickboxing classes, you may begin to notice that you’re feeling more confident. Learning this combat sport provides a confidence that extends beyond eventually developing the skills that can make you feel confident when you’re walking alone at night, for example. You’ll also simply feel better about yourself, which can translate positively into virtually every corner of your life, from going for a promotion at the office to finally asking someone you like for a date....

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4 Tips for Yoga Beginners

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Staying in shape is crucial to your health and well-being. The key to making this happen is finding various exercises you can do. Yoga is becoming increasingly popular because of the many health benefits it offers. However, when you first begin practicing yoga, you may need some yoga tips for optimal results. By knowing ways to get more out of your yoga sessions, you can greatly benefit and get better results. Tip #1: Keep a practice journal It’s ideal to keep track of your progress as you begin your yoga journey. Writing down what you do during your yoga sessions will enable you to know where you began and how far you have come over time. Additionally, by recording each of your yoga sessions, this may serve as motivation for you to continue doing your yoga on a routine basis. When you begin to feel better and become more flexible, you may be more encouraged to keep exercising. Tip #2: Invest in the right mat Having a yoga mat is essential for your comfort and for making injuries less likely. There are a variety of mats you can choose from that will enable you to get the most from your time doing yoga. Consider getting a mat that has the right amount of cushioning to enable you to have the most comfort. Additionally, choosing a sticky mat will help you maintain a firmer footing and could be key to avoiding a fall. Tip #3: Choose the right instruction Regardless of whether you want to attend a class or do yoga in your home, you will want to know how to do many of the various poses. Some of these are simple and others may be more complex, but getting professional yoga instruction is ideal. If you want to do yoga at home, a wide variety of yoga DVDs are on the market and can enable you to learn all you need to know to get started. Tip #4: Pay attention to your breathing One of the important components of doing yoga is breathing properly. Be sure to breathe in through your nose and slowly exhale for more relaxation. The benefits of doing yoga are numerous, and you’re sure to see these over time. Be sure to speak to a local recreation or sports professional in your area to find out where classes are held if you choose to take a yoga...

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Four Great Boats For Fishermen

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Are you a fishing enthusiast who has spent too many years fishing from the shoreline or from your best buddy’s boat? Is it time to for you to finally bite the bullet and get your own boat? If so, here are four great boats that work exceptionally well for fishermen. Dinghies If you’ve never owned your own boat before, a great first boat is a dinghy. These little boats are small and lightweight, so they are super easy to transport. They can even be strapped to the roof of a vehicle so that you can easily change your fishing location. They are powered either by oars or sails, so you may have to depend on manpower or the wind to get around on the water. If you do need more power, you can attach a small outboard to the dinghy. Jon Boats Another great watercraft for first-time boaters, Jon boats are simple utility crafts mainly used in shallow water. They work well for fishing since they can go where larger boats can’t. Most of them are around 12 feet long and usually contain bench seats. Jon boats, or car-toppers as they are sometimes called, are usually made out of aluminum or fiberglass and have a flat-bottomed design. Center Console Boats If you are looking for a fishing boat with plenty of room and lots of deck space from which to fish, a center console boat might be a good option. All of the controls on this boat are located in the center, hence the name of the boat. Because of the open hull, fishermen can walk from bow to stern without the console getting in the way. These boats come in a variety of sizes from 15-footers to 42-footers. Bowrider If you are wanting a boat that is great for fishing but is also good for water sports and has enough room for the whole family, a bowrider is a great choice. This type of boat has an open bow area that allows for extra seats in front of the helm. Considered a family boat, this is also a good boat for those who have never owned one before. The hulls on these boats are V-shaped that come to a point at the bow which makes it great for sharp turns at faster speeds. They also usually come with a ladder that makes it easy to get in and out of the water. There are other boats that work well for fishing, but if you are just starting your search, these four boats are a great place to start...

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